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Lisaplex Filter Color Metallic Rose

Lisaplex Filter Color Metallic Rose


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LISAPLEXTM Filter Colour Shades

Lisaplex Filter Colour is an innovative oxidation colour with a metallic texture. Ideal for perfecting and correcting highlights, removing unwanted tones, brightening the hair without over processing, and lifting the natural colour up to one level. Moreover, the shades can be mixed between them. The formulation is completely free of ammonia and enriched with Vegetal Protein Complex to ensure protection and a cosmetic effect.

LISAPLEXTM FILTER COLOR With Vegetal Protein Complex Lisaplex™ Filter Colour is the tone-on-tone oxidation colour suitable for all hair types. Ammonia-free formula is enriched with VEGETAL PROTEIN COMPLEX for beautiful, bright, vibrant tones. Can be used after highlights to remove brassy tones. THE 4 EFFECTS of LISAPLEXTM FILTER COLOR • PERFECT and correct highlights • BRIGHTEN and enhance the colour without over processing • HARMONISE tones removing unwanted brassy ones • LIGHTEN the natural colour, lifting to one level or more.


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