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SPX Modified blade

SPX Modified blade


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The Ultimate Fade blade.

NEW SPX Fade blade uses a ceramic staggered-tooth cutting blade containing 36 micro-serrated teeth, individually cut and aligned to help maintain a consistent BLURRY transition on any hair texture. 

Paired with our 2nd generation carbon coated blade with an even higher hardness degree than PDR. Allowing for 20% reduced heat & friction.

Further polish & refine any fade.

Add Immersive detail.

Create the seamless blend.

 Works with Babyliss clippers


✓ 2nd-generation Black carbon steel blade.

✓ Rockwell hardness degree of 93 units.

✓ UV plated for longer service life.

✓ 20% more Heat resistant.


✓ NEW Ceramic staggered-tooth.

✓ 32 Micro-serrated teeth.

✓ Individually cut & aligned.

✓ 3D silk-print design.

✓ D9 Tech crafted.


✓ Creates a “blurry” fade effect with less lever play.

✓ Disperses any shadows within a fade.

✓ Finalizes any transition.


• Instructional Manual.

• Black screws.   

• 1 Year FREE sharpening & setting service. 


Designed to help create a picture perfect BLURRY fade in less time.

Compatible with Gamma Ergo, Senior, Magic, Sterling, Designer, Super Taper, 1919, Legend and Caliber clippers.

Designed in Germany

Made in the USA
3versince© Licensed Product
Edition of 450 pcs.
Legal Disclaimer

*Not affiliated with or made by Wahl or the Andis Company 

SENIOR®, STERLING®, SUPER TAPER® and LEGEND® are Trademarks of the Wahl Clipper Corporation. FADE BLADE® is a Trademark of Andis Company. 3versince has no association, affiliation with, or connection to Wahl Clipper Corporation.


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